V-DAQ’s high precision Vehicle IoT Platform enables new customer insights, boosting operational efficiency and ROI

We help individual fleet company's and transport management software make the most out of telematics without having to worry about fleet tracking hardware.

Unbeatable Telematics.

We have taken telematics to the next level. Offering the most advanced and affordable telematics device which can be put into any vehicle without professional installation. Providing insightful driver analytics, in-lane location precision with underground location tracking, and the compatibility to work with any asset management software.
Future-proof in-vehicle GPS/GNSS technology with global IoT connectivity.
Integrate vehicles into your everyday operations with confidence and flexibility.
Improve driver safety and efficiency, reducing the cost of insurance, fuel and maintenance.
Stay connected with your vehicles with globally compatible long range LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT.

Unbeatable Features.

Stay connected with your fleet vehicles with in-lane precise location at any time.

The V-SAFE Tag ensures customers receive the most reliable and precise real-time information for general fleet tracking and 3rd party software integrations, even underground, in tunnels and high-density cities.

Better manage the safety of your drivers

Improve driver safety and safety management/compliance with automatic notifications for dangerous driving events, speeding, overtime driving and illegal road manoeuvres.

Reports for tax incentives and fuel tax credit

Ensure you meet the GPS tracking requirements for general tax purposes and fuel tax credits including off-road fuel tax credit.

Your device, you control what software

Enhance your data driven efficiently and reduce operating costs using the V-SAFE Dashboard. Easily connect with third party software’s of your choice to gain additional value-added benefits. Enjoy a higher quality driving experience, save on insurance, road tolling, and more.

Compliance and Chain of Responsibility management

Manage the safety and security of your assets, with complete control and transparency of your fleet vehicles. Assist in Chain of Responsibility and compliance management.

Personalised access to raw high precision GPS tracking data

The V-SAFE API allows customers to directly link; real-time GPS tracking, previous trips, event notifications, reports and more with custom software. Experience the most precise and reliable telematics data to suit the most demanding business needs.

An easy to install Tag

Simply stick your V-SAFE Tag to the windshield of any vehicle for instant telematics. Flexible mounting and powering options are available.