Precise and reliable tracking

  1. Real-time GPS tracking for your fleet management and 3rd party software integrations.
  2. Improve your overall fleet visibility underground, in tunnels, and in high-density cities.
  3. View live locations of your entire fleet on one screen, and view individual trips for each vehicle or driver.

Reduce fleet costs and guess work

  1. Better understand how your business runs and where key improvements can be made to, improve the lifetime of your fleet vehicles, and reduce costs, risk and liability.
  2. Build reports based on individual needs using geo-fences, driver and vehicle details, speeding, illegal road mauvers and more.

Keep updated in real time when it's needed most

  1. Improve driver safety and safety management and compliance with automatic notifications for dangerous driving events, speeding, overtime driving and illegal road manoeuvres.
  2. Manage the safety and security of your assets, with complete control and transparency of your fleet vehicles. Assist in chain of responsibility and compliance management.
  3. Keep up to date with maintenance and repairs to improve the ROI of you fleet.

Simple API

The V-SAFE API allows customers to directly link real-time GPS tracking, previous trips, event notifications, reports and more with custom software. Experience the most precise and reliable telematics data to suit the most demanding business needs.

Vehicles and Drivers

Filter trips by driver or vehicle to suit the most demanding reporting needs for large fleets. Re-assign drivers to vehicles and the trips undertaken if necessary.

Geofences and Locations

Use geofences or known locations as the backbone of reports to clearly identify key metrics based on your fleet’s activity. Combined geofences and locations with other metrics to identify abnormal costings or driving behaviour.

Customisable to your needs

Create reports with true flexibility based on different records and values. Flexibility in report making allows even the most complex reports to be created and saved for future needs, and accessed at any time.

Lower liability and risk with automation

By automating your Fuel Tax Credits, costly and time-consuming manual work is eliminated. Automated travel logs remove the need for manual records, to reduce errors. Eliminate liability and risk by automating your Fuel Tax Credits today.

Precision data means optimised claims

Australian Tax Office (ATO) Fuel Tax Credits are calculated using a combination of high precision telematics data and a comprehensive mapping engine that ensures you’re always claiming your full entitlement by separating on-road driving from off-road driving. All Fuel Tax Credit data is recorded and can be used as valid evidence to substantiate your claim.

Accelerate your claim with automated reports

Fuel Tax Credit reports are automatically generated at the end of each calendar month, enabling more accurate cashflow analysis and ensuring you receive your entitled Fuel Tax Credits as soon as possible.

Road Infrastructure Management (RIM)

The Transport Certification Australia (TCA) Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application is a new way of collecting secure and anonymised road use data from vehicles, to better optimise the management of road networks. In return for valuable data, Australian state government schemes are available for eligible transport operators, offering significant rewards, incentives and savings.

Port Botany Container Movement Efficiency Scheme

New South Wales Class 3 Port Botany Freight Container Exemption Notice 2019

This Notice provides mass exemptions to axle groups on eligible vehicles when traveling in the Greater Sydney Area and Port Botany, New South Wales (NSW). Eligible vehicles include, rigid trucks, prime mover and semitrailer combinations up to 19m, and B-doubles up to 26m.

Safety, Productivity & Environment Construction Transport Scheme (SPECTS)

New South Wales Class 2 Safety, Productivity & Environment Construction Transport Authorisation Notice 2016 Notice

This Notice allows eligible heavy vehicles in the construction industry a greater network access and the ability to carry more construction materials.

What is the Platform?

The V-SAFE Platform makes it easy for vehicle owners and transport operators to unlock the true value of vehicle data. The platform enables the seamless distribution of data for different applications, whilst maintaining complete data transparency and control.

Benefits for businesses

Vehicle owners and transport managers can use the V-SAFE platform to access new or existing software solutions and services to drive operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, improve driver and fleet safety, and earn rewards and incentives. We partner with existing software solutions and online services to provide users with a secure way to utilise their data.

How does it work?

The V-SAFE Platform collects high precision data from a V-SAFE Tag installed onto the windshield of any vehicle. This data is automatically sent to any application a user has chosen to share data with via the platform. Vehicle owners or transport managers can simply opt-in and out of new software solutions or services with a click of a button.

Who can you share your data with?

The V-SAFE Platform gives users simple and exclusive access to a growing number of asset management, transport management, driver safety, accounting and tax incentive software solutions. These partners offer access to their software applications, rewards and incentives in return for the agreed exchange of data.

Can I access data using an API?

Yes, the platform data is also accessible by individual fleets and transport managers for custom software applications using the V-SAFE Platform API.

Unbeatable Telematics

The V-SAFE Tag is most advanced and affordable telematics device which can be easily installed into any vehicle. It has been designed as an in-vehicle platform, with features that continually expand, enabling the next generation of connected vehicle, intelligent transport, fleet tracking, and fleet management applications.

Quick and Simple Install

Incredible Reliability

Globally Connected

Add-on Bluetooth Sensors

Physical and Installation

  • 80mm x 47mm x 10mm
  • 30 second installation
  • Included adhesive strips for windshield


  • Global 4G long range LTE Cat-M1
  • Global eSIM
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 for additional sensors, mobile, and tablet connectivity
  • Built-in antennas


  • Underground positioning
  • Built-in antennas


  • Temperature sensor
  • Motion Processor

Connectors and Power

  • USB type Micro-B (50cm cable included)
  • Backup battery (1 hour)

Software and Updates

  • Automatic over-the-air firmware updates (FOTA)
  • Automatic security and network updates